Who is this girl?

She’s got over one hundred thousand followers and no one knows who she is. I’m talking about Lil Miquela; she’s a weird model that makes social media Instagram explode! But this precious lady is not real. The girl has a very human appearance, but if you look closely, you can see the computer science characteristics.


Lil made over one hundred thousand followers in less than five months. Most of them think the model is real and write flirty comments to her sensual posts. The real question now is: who owns her? Who made her? Who is her creator? Her “Doctor Frankenstein”? Though we can certainly say she came out quite a bit prettier than Frankenstein’s monster.

srry had to crop it @yungjake ?

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Maybe it’s a marketing strategy, which is actually very probable because virtual Miquela is always mentioning clothing brands, beauty products and places in LA. Other people think that it’s a graphical designer that has made her own pictures into this girl. All we know is that she’s popular as hell and the number of followers is growing every minute… Which means someone’s bank account is too! To who do you think Lil Miquela belongs to?

I think I'd lie for you

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Stealing Molly's #TBT but honestly shoulda stole those glasses ???

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Japanese Market ??

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Trapping w @nikitakesh at the @bornxraised x @yg function

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Bored wyd??

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Shout out to the genius @shaynehba for this fresh off the runway @hoodbyair x @pornhub lewk.

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