Vampire cat: Monk

Halloween is already over for us, but this cat is still wearing it’s costume. The six-year-old Monk has real vampire fangs, that are between seven and ten centimeters long. Its owner, Nicole Rienzie, posts pictures of Monk on social media platform, where he already has 30 thousand followers.

“The fangs are 100 percent real. The fangs are ¾ inch-long from the gum line…in other words…HUGE.” is what Rienzie tells Mashable. “The vet says that although the fangs are rare, they pose no health threats, and he is happy and healthy. Monk is a very unique cat and so it’s only fitting that he ended up with a unique characteristic. He’s special.”

On Instagram the cat and his brother Bean are being followed by approximately 30 000 people.

“Their account use to be mine but I deleted all my material and changed the username and began using it to satisfy my crazy cat lady needs,” Rienzie explained. “Monk & Bean are my ‘children’ so I want to show them off to the world…like any parent would. Haha.”

Monk is by the way not the only cat with special fangs. Also Loki has them, but his are not nearly as long as Monks fangs are.

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