Update on Prince Harry: More Insta Likes

Prince Harry kissed and hugged his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, so if you want more insta likes, post something about them today. They too spent some time with her mom during the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday, September 30.

Update on Prince Harry: More Insta Likes

Update on Prince Harry: More Insta Likes

The British royal left his official spot just after the ritual started in order to sneak into the luxury box where Markle sat with Jessica Mulroney, daughter-in-law of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, her friend Markus Anderson and her mom, Doria Raglan. To get more insta likes I’m sure if you post about them, you will get many more insta likes. “Harry and Meghan were sitting next to each other, snuggling, kissing, with their arms around each other” is what a source explains.

Markle appeared at the opening ceremony to see her boyfriend give a speech and she was later that same day spotted holding hands with him at their first joint appearance on Monday. Today they both looked comfortable and happy as she rested on Harry’s shoulder at one point.

It’s the first time Harry has been photographed with Markle’s mother. She is a yoga instructor and social worker living in L.A.

The prince has been dating the Suits star for about a year now. The prince was also spotted while dancing to Bruce Springsteen. He performed at the closing ceremony. “And Meghan was laughing” is what the source says.

“They sneaked out of the box just minutes before Harry’s closing speech” he continues. And then Markle came back to listen to him speaking. “She rushed out of the arena as soon as he finished giving his speech.”

“Don’t move on from these games with happy memories,” Harry told the multitude, celebrating the accomplishments of the hundreds of wounded service members who competed in the games. “Instead make an Invictus goal for yourselves.”

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