Three Canadiens on a “drugscruise”

We share everything on the Internet, specially our beautiful vacation pictures. These three canadiens were going from Southampton to Sydney on a gorgeous cruise, which gave some pretty fine posts on Instagram. The one thing that they didn’t told us was that they were trafficking about 22 million dollars of cocaine.

First time in Papeete and not the last one ✌?️?

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Let's do it again … ✈️? #london

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Melina Roberge (22), Isabelle Lagacé (28) and Andre Tamine (63) paid roughley 20000 dollars for the spectacular cruise, but of course, they didn’t have to worry about the money.


During the cruise, the threesome didn’t worry a bit about the possible jail time, but enjoyed their lovely seven weeks of holiday. Worst case scenario? They will get perpetual. They’re being kept in custody until the 26th of October, the date when the judge decides what’s going to happen.

Perspective ?? b e r m u d a was amazing ?

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??✔️ #peru2k16

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