This is how Taylor Swift handles “haters”

Instagram is trying out a new tool that massively erases negative comments or spam-like comments with account that receive lots of feedback in a considerably small period of time. Or is someone on the inside that’s giving Taylor Swift preferential treatment?


Since the recent dispute between Kanye West and the ‘Shake It Of’ singer, she’s been receiving lots of mean replies from already haters and also from previous Swift fans. A new Instagram tool helps her to minimize the negative reactions she’s been gathering.

According to The Times, Taylor has been offered a feature on the social media that deletes automatically any sort of criticism, without having to do something for it.

Taylor and Kanye don’t get along very well, and they reached an impasse when Kanye’s spouse, Kim Kardashian, posted a video of the two talking about his lyrics, about the kind of language he uses, and, specifically, using the word “b*tch” in his song.

The platform has brought out that this is not only for the famous singer, but that they’re still trying it out, on various big accounts (with lots of comments, likes, and feedback). They specifically said there’s no special treatment involved, and that they’re always looking to give positive experiences, and to do so, they’re developing all kinds of tools. Taylor apparently just “got lucky”.

Though the biggest hit for Taylor was the video that was posted, another reason that made the singer dislike Kanye is that he and her ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, might start a music collaboration. The two love doves suddenly broke up in June, since, apparently, the romance just sizzled out, though the truth is, always being on tour and out of the country didn’t help their relationship either.


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