Saving before publishing on Instagram

Social media platform Instagram has come up with a new update. From now on, a user can edit the picture he wants to upload to post in later on. In the meantime, it can be saved with all the editing.

Up until now, us users weren’t able to save the pictures after passing a filter on the pic, or writing some text with it. Now we can! Don’t get too excited, cause this function isn’t available for everyone, they’ve decided to expand it bit by bit.

As we already mentioned here, Instagram is focussing on various other priorities. One of which we can all guess is this one. Also have we learned that Instagram is fighting bullies and negative comments or threats; you can read about it here.

After this update, the instagrammers can totally edit their posts, provide them with a location and write text, titles or explanations of their posts with the image or video. The post will then be saved as draft (not posted) with all the thingies you’ve put with it. After that, you can decide at any time you want to post it, or edit the image some more. The saved pictures will be kept in the library within Instagram. Hope you’ll enjoy this new feature!

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