Robbie Williams naked on Instagram

Apparently, Robbie Williams has a thing for special cakes.
Uploaded on the Instagram page of Ayda, we can see a video of the 42-year-old singer…

He served his lovely wife Ayda Field a treat, which you would think is sweet and nice of him. What if I told you he served it entirely naked and using the cake to hide his parts?

At least we now all know he’s got a pretty nice body (sadly, the thing we’re most interested in we can’t confirm).

In the video, Robbie says “Woah, floating cake. I’m invisible, floating cake.” to which the actress  answers “Babe, you didn’t choose invisibility, you chose cake. I can see you.”

The conversation continuous with “I’m not invisible right now? You can see all of me?”. “Yeah, and your bollocks are hanging out.” she replies.

Surprisingly, it’s not the first time something as crazy as this is published on the social network Instagram. Back in May, he gave his spouse a birthday cake with some, let’s say, curious writing on it. On the cake was written “Congrats. You’re the oldest person I’ve slept with, x” with chocolate letters. To compensate, he did give her a romantic dinner and a hotel getaway.

You might be thinking this is a weird situation, but, I’ll explain. They’re playing a classic game called “Would you rather?” In a previous video, Robbie askes his wife to choose between invisibility or being able to eat any sweet things she’d like without gaining it in weight. They, obviously, both chose to eat sweets and sugared food. So, this is why he talks about being invisible, to which she answers that he didn’t pick invisibility, but to eat naughty things.

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