Rob Lowe communicates with spirits

Hear this! Rob Lowe exposed he conversed with a ghost — and audiences of his new show might be able to see every moment for themselves when it airs in August.

The actor’s new reality show, The Lowe Files, shadows him as he travels the country with sons Matthew and John Owen exploring unsolved obscurities. The former Parks and Recreation star summed up the show as “Anthony Bourdain in a blender with Scooby-Doo.”

Rob Lowe & Sons

Rob Lowe & Sons

While the trio were promoting the series at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Friday, July 29, Lowe was asked by a reporter whether or not he had been able to communicate with ghosts while filming.

“Yeah — now. I hadn’t previously to this. It was through the Ovilus,” Lowe, 52, answered. “There’s a device they use that the theory is it can translate … that the spirits can talk through this device, for a lack of better term. Don’t ask me how, don’t ask me the science, I don’t know.”

“John just thinks it’s randomly programmed to say words at any given time, which it could be, but how does it know to say the word?” he continued.

While the critics seemed cynical of the revelation, Lowe remains convinced.

“It said the dead woman’s name where she was murdered. Judge for yourself … I don’t want to seem like a nut. I don’t want to end my career here,” the Stories I Only Tell My Friends author joked. “Too late?”

Even if the trio aren’t able to resolve any thrillers, Lowe is content just being able to spend quality time with his sons, saying, “We want to solve it, but if we don’t, the point of it is a father and sons on the road, making memories.”

The Lowe Files will debut on A&E on Wednesday, August 2.

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