Rob Kardashian erases all photos of his fiancée on Instagram

Rob Kardashian has erased all photos on Instagram.

He has erased all the photos of the pregnant Blac Chyna from Instagram, and he also stopped following the sensuous model on this social media. What happened? Did they split up, or did he just got mad?


Rob is an American television personality and businessman. We know him from Keeping Up with the Kardashian and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. He was places second in the thirteenth season. Of course he’s also the brother of Kim, Khloé and Kourtney.

It’s definitely something sudden, since he posted pictures of his girlfriend with which he wrote “My baby is so beautiful” only a few days ago. Gossip goes around saying that Blac maybe had another relationship. Supposedly Rob found some suspicious messages on the models phone.

They both stopped following each other, but Blac has started following her boy again, but not the other way around. Not only did Rob erase all the history he had with his girlfriend on Instagram, but he’s just erased all photographs recently. According to People’s Magazine they got in a fight during the recordings of their reality show, but they’re still together.

On the other side, we all know it’s not the first time this happens. Last March Rob did the exact same thing. Also then, it was speculated they broke up. Back then, Rob commented that they weren’t separated, but that they thought it was healthier if they would keep their relationship more private and to themselves. He blamed the negativity of the media for taking away the positive side of their relation.

The two celebrities won’t give any feedback this time though, so maybe it’s over for real…

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