Rich kid Julia Stakhiva lies

Julia Stakhiva, a 24yearold Londoner, is the daughter of a billionaire and she really likes to show how good she lives on Instagram. She’s always in fancy outfits and expensive sport cars. But she recently “got caught”.


Marina Hyde is a columnist for the famous newspaper The Guardian. She revealed the partial lies of Julia. You would say Julia lives a perfect live, and, with that goes a gorgeous penthouse or villa, but nothing is less true. She was renting a room in the house of Marina Hydes mother. Ouch…

Julia Stakhiva is “the rich kid of Instagram” but was living until a few weeks ago in a room in the home of Hydes mother. She was a part of the British reality show called ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’. For this show, she pretended that Hydes house was her own while the owner, Marinas mom, was on a vacation. She let in a film crew and even laid on the mothers bed while petting the cat of the home. The family actually required that the images wouldn’t be shown on national television.

Obviously, the rich and spoiled young adult has answered to the column through social media Instagram saying it’s all a stunt from her haters and that in the meantime, she’s living this perfect rich life.

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