Notice Real Instagram Comments!

Check out the amazing real Instagram comments this couple got on their pictures they upload to the popular social media networking site Instagram.

I think we can all agree that parenthood looks good on them. Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have shown up to their first red carpet attendance since the birth of their daughter who they named Bodhi Soleil. This couple looks very relaxed and happy which is probably the reason why they got so many real Instagram comments on their recent uploads.

The couple’s newest family member arrived on July 25 and has made them glow, leading to tons of real Instagram comments. Nikki and Ian were attending the EIF’s XQ Super School Live at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, on Friday, September 8.

The new mom was spotted wearing a long-sleeve, floral-print maxi dress and her loving and caring husband who is also a Vampire Diaries star, was dressed casually in a white button-up shirt and gray pants.

Check out this picture here, it’s from Ian’s profile, and it got over 6 thousand real Instagram comments.

The pair was smiling as they would walk over the red carpet. The picture above was later shared on Instagram and it represents a sweet selfie in which we can see him cuddling up to his wife inside the event.

Notice Real Instagram Comments

Notice Real Instagram Comments

The pair previously stated that they were taking some time to themselves once Bodhi arrived so they could really create a special bond with her. Probably the reason that this shot got so many real Instagram comments is due to that all the other Instagram users can relate to the love and affection this picture shows of these two beauties.

“After the baby arrives, we’re doing one month of silence” is what the Twilight star has previously told Fit Pregnancy. “Just the three of us, no visitors, and we’re turning off our phones too, so there’s no expectation for us to communicate.”

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