New trend: Rainbow Smoothie

Are you one of those people that just can’t get enough of those delicious smoothies? Then you will want to keep on reading…


The very new trend, called “Rainbow Smoothies” is so incredibly popular on social media Instagram. You’ll wonder why… Not only are smoothies totally healthy, if you make them like this, it will also be a treat for the eye!

The little trick all these smoothie makers use is to make substances of different density. A very common product you can use to thicken a part of your smoothie is coconut nicecream. It’s the frozen pulp of the coconut. You can mix it with cashew milk. Also oatmeal and chia seeds (from the mint family). Mix your fruits or veggies one by one in a blender or mixer and slowly put them in a transparent glass with a spoon, slowly and with care to prevent them from blending together. You’ll want the colors to be clearly separated (just like with your latte macchiato). Here you can get some inspiration for your fitspo and thinspo.

Drove all the way to Wasilla to get this awesomeness!!! #theperfectstartespresso #rainbowsmoothie

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