Mixed feelings towards Coachella

This weekend was the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Fans of Radiohead weren’t too excited. Even one fan, who was watching the performance on the main lawn, put her head in her hands as sign of disapproval.

“This feels like the election” is what she said to her friends. Radiohead played off the sound system woes. Th festival is the 18th and has long positioned itself as a resort-like outflow. It used to be known for the music’s more disobedient inclinations.

Coachella is produced by AEG-owned Goldenvoice, and this year it has swelled in size by about 20 acres and added a new punk- and Latin-driven stage. Beyoncé had to take a step down because of her unborn twins and Lady Gaga was asked to perform in her place.

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“It’s too crowded, you can’t enjoy yourself and it’s not as fun,” said Jane Gaje of San Francisco. She as attended 4 Coachella’s and loved each one, except for this last one. “We only saw the intros to everything,” Gaje said.

Artists like Las Ligas Menores, had some last-minute visa distresses that could have caused trouble.

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“It’s not the same. The vibe is still cool, but there’s too many people,” are the words of Eddie Gutierrez. Eddie is from Bay Area and he’s attending his third Coachella. Just like Jane he has the feeling that the extensive festival had become a bit heavy.

“It’s a time to enjoy music from all different genres, but its not as enjoyable this year. You had to fight crowds to get to see bands, so our night ended early. I feel like people aren’t even really here, they’re just here to say they’re at Coachella.”

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You can find all sorts of people at the Coachella festival. If you are there, don’t hesitate to tell me your opinion!

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