Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth go public

After being together for seven months, it seems like Miley Cyrus ( is ready to admit and settle down. This Sunday she posted a picture of her lover, Liam Hemsworth (, on the social media network Instagram, making their relation public.

Captura “So much love in one pic….”

The famous actor is wearing sunglasses and hugging Dora, his lovely dog. He seems quite relaxed, just chilling on the couch. A surprising detail is his t-shirt. For the ones that don’t recognize it, this shirt is from an NPO (nonprofit organization) called Happy Hippie. Founded by Miley Cyrus, they rally young people to fight injustice. Liam is a big part of this foundation, I guess they’ve both got an actual humanitarian side. is the Instagram page of this organization. In their manifesto they talk about changing the world by causing a scene and making noise. We all know our Wrecking Ball singer Miley is pretty good at this. Their main recourses are CenterLink, Gender Spectrum, Trans Lifeline, National Network For Youth, and so on.

Even Channel24 decided to write an article about this, which we can find on this page so it must be pretty big news.

Captura “Just another day at the office”

Our little Hannah Montana is now officially in a relationship (again) with the handsome Liam known from The Hunger Games. Since relationships are compromises, he had to do the right thing to, by validating the link to the singer who over the years has caused a lot of excitement in the world with her rebellious behavior. He decided to post a photo of a little pig with his girlfriend in the background. They say they like to work to improve their homes, but is this true, or just a little show?




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