Miles Heizer: fast followers on Instagram

Miles Heizer says ‘13 reasons why’ season 2 will include more ‘taboo topics’, so get your fast followers on Instagram.

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“I’ve never been a part of something that is dealing with a topic that is not talked about very often, especially in a mainstream high school setting. It’s ironic because it’s something that is going on there all the time,” he explained about his role in 13 Reasons Why.

Miles Heizer: fast followers on Instagram

Miles Heizer: fast followers on Instagram

“We’re one of few shows that have portrayed it in a real way, showing teenagers talking how they actually talk and talking about issues that they are dealing with. We all felt a responsibility to make it relatable, to convey a positive message and let kids know this stuff is not OK and that we need to talk about it, so people can get help and talk to each other about these serious issues. We wanted people to be able to find freedom from those issues through talking about it.”

Heizer also disclosed that the crew behind the scenes on 13 Reasons Why delivered funds on set for the cast to speak to about what their characters living. Fast followers on Instagram is important to become famous.

“We would all talk as a group about our own mental health issues, too,” he went on. “I think talking with people about things that I’ve felt and relating that to my character, let me come at it in a very real way. I also felt a lot of responsibility to all the young people who are battling mental health issues since there aren’t too many characters who are really open about it.”

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