Louise Delange and her campaign

What’s up with this young girl? Louise Delange has only been two weeks on the Instagram and already has about 40 thousand followers. And she seems just like any other 25-year-old with her usual nature pics, and vacation posts. Just another cute girl. But different.


All her pictures are fun ones, on a boat, in the pool or on a terrace, but they all have something in common. If you look closer you can see that in nearly every post there is alcohol involved. Either a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail.

Cheers ! ?

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#latergram Bretagne

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The account is not just a young girl wanting to share her experiences with the world. It comes with a message. It’s hard to recognize an alcohol addiction specially if you know someone well. This is a campaign from Addict Aide, a French service for alcohol prevention. She hopes that under the younger people we will become more conscious. Last week Louise posted a video in which she makes clear what her intentions are. Since then she has been gaining followers in buckets. What do you think about her campaign?

Like my addiction

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