Justin Bieber without Instagram

Justin Bieber has deleted his account on Instagram. Like we mentioned the day before yesterday, he threatened to his fans to make his account private cause of all the hateful comments he was receiving.

The mean feedback was given to him cause of his new love, Sofia Richie. They would say that she’s only with the famous singer cause of all the attention she would get from their relationship.


On the pictures to which he got all the criticism, we can see Justin and Sofia having a good time in a car. His fans would “recommend” Justin to go back to his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez. She would reply also to the comments, and to Justin not so empty threats. She would say that Justin should be so cruel to his fans, they were there for him, loving him, before anyone else was.

Justin responded to this saying that she was only with him for the attention, just like the fans say about Sofia.

If we try to find the page of the singer on Instagram we get an error saying it doesn’t exist anymore. This was the previous page: https://www.instagram.com/justinbieber/

You can find all the juicy details of the fight between Selena and her ex Justin here.

Ever think Justin will recover his Instagram account?

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