Instagram tests Live video

To stay ahead of the trend of last year, the one where every social media platform tends to take and integrate the unique aspects of the competitors, Instagram has begun with Live videos. What else could we aspect, having as parent company FaceBook, but it’s the next feature they’ll be launching. Instagram wants to be “everything” for their users. Just don’t get to excited yet and start looking around in the app, cause it’s only out for testing, of course, out of all places… In Russia.

The icon at the top left is the Live button

We aren’t even sure if it was the intention of Instagram to show users the feature. When an anonymous user that told T-Journal started clicking around in the app he ended up at a page called ‘Popular Live Broadcasts‘, but that didn’t work. It sure does seem like Instagram is trying to handle the infrastructure of the functionality. We also suspect that it’s the same technology FaceBook is based on. Of course we knew Instagram is busy with video functions, but it seems like they’re not completely satisfied with just video.

Instagram has even come up with a new term to call live videos. In the image you can see it says ‘Go Insta!‘ on the button that would start the live broadcast. The reason that there are two screens, we don’t get… But we’ll find out when the feature will be officially announced. When? We don’t know, even though different publications have asked Instagram to respond to the happenings, there has been no interaction from their side. In the meantime, we can only speculate. What do you think?

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