Instagram is fighting back with a disappearance trick just like Snapchat

The social network Instagram is fighting back with a disappearance trick just like Snapchat.

Just like the popular post and chat network, Instagrammers can choose to publish their stories on the pre-condition to make them disappear.

Snapchat is Facebooks Instagram worst enemy. On this app you can publish photographs and images that stay visible for maximum ten seconds, and the network has been booking progress for the past years in a quicker way than expected. If we compare daily active users, Snapchat is even bigger than Twitter.

Facebook is quite jealous of Snapchat, since the 150 million that are on Snapchat aren’t busy with Facebooking of Instagramming and these people won’t be watching the ads on these platforms. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg still has bigger nets (Instagram with 500 million users, Messenger with 1 billion and Facebook 1,6 billion) but yet he’s taking Snapchat very serious. So serious that he made and offer of 3 billion USD to Evan Spiegel, boss of Snapchat. He says he’d rather stay independent.


With the new feature Instagram Stories, where we can publish posts in a separate part of the social network, will be erased after 24 hours. It’s a pure copy from Snapchat Stories. You can post however much you like during the day and you’ve got many many options – for example, with drawing tools and text tools. Once erased, the “stories” will never return to your profile or to the feed. With this, there is no main difference anymore between Snapchat and Instagram.


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