Instagram as online shop

The app for posts Instagram, daughter of FaceBook, expands its possibilities to show off products and buy them.

Instagram announces on its blog for business a test with new shopping features. For now, its only available for twenty American brands, like for example Kate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker.

Together with the pictures they post, they have the option to add a special tag for selling items. Next to the image, there’s a little icon that says “Tap to view”, that users can click on to get more information about the handbag or sunglasses. There also appears a “Buy now” button, that leads you directly to the checkout page.

This test is a new step towards the expansion of Instagram into a e-commerceplatform for brands. They already use the platform as a shopping window, where the clients can see the products, but the step towards buying the items is too big. This step will be eased once there exists a buybutton on that same Instagram page. Soon it will be available for all businesses on Instagram.

Take a look at this video, where it’s shown how you can buy from JackThreads on the platform.

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