Instagram apologizes for blocking account

The Instagram control dispute endures this week following the interruption of a high-profile photographer’s account since she posted pictures of a model where menstrual blood was perceptible.


Harley Weir’s Instagram account was suspended a week ago. She shared images from a photoshoot for i-D magazine. She was photographing nude models for the magazine’s The Female Gaze edition from her series, Portraits of a Woman. Weir also was the one who shot the provocative Calvin Klein erotica themed campaign. This time she shared a shot of one model, who was on her period, with her 91.000 followers on social media Instagram.

Important picture #venus #codered

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The image where menstrual blood was visible on the model’s legs was removed by Instagram.

After this, Weir uploaded a second photo presenting just the model’s torso and legs. Just like with the first picture, the image was pixilated, but still stripes of blood were across her legs.


A photo posted by HARLEY (@harleyweir) on

Despite photos depicting menstruation not banned by Instagram, Weir’s account was suspended for five days before being reactivated a few days ago. Instagram has apologized for the suspension, saying this was done in “error”.

Speaking to the Independent, Weir said she sympathized with the necessity to guard users, but she questioned Instagram’s motivation. “I edit my pictures in a nice way – I don’t use funny emojis or anything,” she said.

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