Instagram against haters

High standard social network Instagram has introduced a new function that takes care of unpleasant comments on posts. As of now, we can automatically erase all those comments we do not wish for. This was already possible by deleting them one by one by hand.


Us Instagrammers can now make up a list, like a little blacklist, with all the words we do not want in our comments, which then will be blocked. So with this all those negative comments, insults, haters comments, accusations and others will disappear.

Creators of Instagram find it very important that users can post pics or videos or whatever they like without being insulted, intimidated or threatened. They feel that there should be a safe and fun environment where people should be able to express themselves.

Also Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are trying to keep “haters” in control. Last May they’ve signed an agreement that says the media is going to handle negativity on these platforms.

Besides this, Instagram has also added two other new features. You’re now able to zoom in on pictures and to post text with colors!


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