Have you eaten too much?

Okay, so with the holidays coming up, we all tend to eat to much. It’s normal! All the delicious turkey, cheese, mince pies, chocolate, puddings, canapés, chutney, gravy, pate… we cannot skip. So don’t worry if you feel full, I’ve got the solution.

Infusions are a basic. All women know that camomile infusion  works great for any kind of pain, so, in this case, for stomach pain too. It’s a digestive relaxant, with quite a special taste. You can also choose for mint or anise infusion. It will take that full stomach feeling away quickly.

Coffee and tea is also helpful, since they purify and have antioxidant properties. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and wake up with a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice, great for your tummy.


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The day after you’ve eaten a lot, choose preferably for purifying food. Pineapple, artichoke and cucumber will help clean your intestine. Fiber products are also recommended, like cereal, lettuce or tomato.

Go for a walk! Even though you probably don’t feel like walking, or even the thought of having to get up terrifies you, doing some excercise will be fantastic for your body, since your tummy will be cleared sooner. Try to avoid hard excercise like running, going to the gym, dancing,…

And of course, try not to over-eat the next day. It’s okay to eat too much, but this hasn’t have to last a lifetime. You can divide up your meals, so you will eat less quantity with each meal, but still receive the right amount of food. Eat slow and stop whenever your body tells you to. Remember it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it doesn’t want more food. And in those 20 minutes, we can eat a lot.

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If you’ve been on a diet, and feel like giving up just because of the holidays, please don’t. A few days per year will not influence the effort you’ve put into yourself during the entire year. Just go back to normal as soon as the holidays are over, and don’t forget to enjoy in the meantime.

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Merry Christmas to you all dear readers!

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