Happy new year

When the year is over, it’s a good moment to look back and not only at the good stuff. Also, look back over the year and see which were your major flaws. These flaws are definitely not unique, LOL, pretty much every human being wants to exercise more, eat healthier, be more patient, stop drinking etc. If you want to change your life but don’t know where to start, you can look over the list I’ve created, maybe it helps.

  • Organize: if you find that your life is a mess, or even your home, your draws or your desk,… and having three agendas is maybe a bit too much, go out to the stores. Buy new items that will help you keep your life ordered, and when you get home, you’re going to want to use those fabulous new products. So, you clean your home, and voilà! You start a fresh new year.

  • Altruism: giving something does not necessarily has to be money. You can for example help your elderly neighbor by going to the store for him, or having a cup of coffee with him and make some small talk. Time is way more valuable than money or materialistic stuff. You can also volunteer at a local help center, or at bigger organisations like Greenpeace, WWF,…

  • Learning something new: are you tired of doing the same every day? Did your job start as temporary and you still say it is only temporary? To avoid these thoughts, you sometimes can choose to do something for yourself. There are tons of courses, online or classical. You don’t need so much time to complete them and yet they will make you feel more complete. For example a language, but also technical stuff, programming, psychology,…

Hope this helps, and, happy new year!

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