Girl strikes back after being cheated on

Imagine… You find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you, so, what do you do with all your Instagram picture you have with him? Usually, first reaction would be erase them, but, this girl? Hell no, she’s got a better idea.

Elizabeth Hughes, an American girl whose boy wasn’t faithful to her, changed all the titles of the pictures she had with him.

With a picture where she was pinning a flower to his suit, she wrote “should have stabbed him in the heart when I had the change”. Standing together at a baseball game, the title says “he played me better than he plays baseball #lol”, or in a post where she’s hugging him from behind, “I’m in the perfect position to strangle him… and if I would have known then that he was a cheater, I probably would have”.


What would you have done? I think she took the whole situation with humor!


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