Fernando Alonso leaving for Mercedes?

Fernando Alonso has been the center of attention for over a week now. Ever since the German Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) announced his retirement, the rumors say that maybe the Spanish driver is going to be his substitute.

Paris selfie ✌??

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Fernando Alonso is a Formula One racing driver from Spain. He’s double world champion and currently races for McLaren-Honda.

Even though rumors stay rumors, and there have been denials, Alonso remains silent. He uploaded this picture to Instagram and we’re going to analyze it:

Remember ?

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“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express not to impress.”

Could there be any kind of connection between the classic instaquote and the possibility of Mercedes wanting Alonso as driver? The majority think there is a link, and the post would mean that Alonso has no plans of leaving Mclaren-Honda.

Tomorrow I will drive this beauty ? #hondaFamily #hondathanksDay #honda

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Thanks Rob. #danke ? by @paulripke

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