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Most of us are on social media for fun and entertainment. But did you know that people make money with posting pictures? And lots of it too!

Who of us would have thought five years ago that “instagrammer” would become an actual job. Especially in the fashion industry is where the most of the money is being made. The amounts vary a lot, but I can tell you that there are so-called instagrammers that ask 50.000 dollars for just posting one picture. And, who would pay that kind of money? Well, brands do pay it.

Social media is a great way to get to your potential clients, and we all know that the internet is a fast way of spreading out information. This is why companies pay so much money, because with one post, in a time frame of minutes, thousands of people have seen the post. There’s not a faster way in the world to get to your costumers.

An important fashion blogger is Chiara Ferragni, an Italian girl that started this just as a hobby. She’s got 6,8 million followers from all around the world. This has turned out to be some big business!

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