Deshun Wang: modeling with 80 years

Though the modeling world may still be mainly dominated by young boys and girls, there exist older models who want to change the entire concept of modeling, and alternate the actual face of the industry.

Deshun Wang, an eighty-year old model is one of these people changing the concept! He walked in a fashion show during 2015 China Fashion Week with his 79 years, and looking absolutely fabulous. Not only would he walk his catwalk with total confidence, but also… Shirtless. Can you believe it?

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“There is no too late. You just need to set your mind to it.” Also, if youd read about his life, its just amazing what this man has done. “His name is Deshun Wang. He started learning English when he was 44, learned pantomime when he was 49, and started working out when he was 50. At 57, he came up with a performance art form ‘living sculpture.’ Then at 65, he learned to ride a horse. He started working on his abs when he was 70, and he learned how to drive a motorbike at 78. In 2015, at 79, he walked in a sold out runway show at China Fashion Week …There is no too late. No one can stop you from succeeding, you just need to set your mind to it.”

So to all of you sating “I’m to old, it’s too late to change my life around, and other pessimistic comments, take an example and see for yourself what he has become. Deshun Wang shows us that there should be no age limits on pushing yourself and pursuing your goals. Anything is possible.

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