Creepy or weird? Copy-cat

You tell me… Creepy or just weird? This Australian couple is travelling all around the Mediterranean Sea. They take beautiful pictures of the place where they’re at, and post these on social media platform Instagram. But turn out, they’re being copy-catted.

Banana pit stop on the way to the beach ?

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Another couple is travelling right behind them, taking the exact same pictures, at the same places and with the same angle. Sometimes they even have the same decorations, up to the point that they post the picture with the same capture as the originals have.

Just another day in the office ? Next stop ✈︎ B A L I ?

A photo posted by JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel) on

Lauren Bullen and her boyfriend Jack Morris have two million followers on their Instagram page. Every envious post they publish receives more than ten thousand likes.

“I understand seeking inspiration from what I do” is what Lauren writes on her blog “and I love that, but this truly shocked me.. at first I thought it was all photoshopped & had to take screen shots to compare the two.. They honestly did an incredible job copying our imagery, controversially insane mimics, so I congratulate them for this!” Take a look at the pictures she’s comparing:

ex3 ex6 ex9-6 ex10 ex11 ex12 ex13 ex18

“But stealing someone’s art- that’s never okay”

Well, after confronting these imitators, they’re account is private and they have deleted every single post they had on their page. So good news for Lauren and Jack, they can keep on living their life.

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