Black posts on Instagram after Trump’s victory


Seems like since Donald trump won the elections of the 45th president of the United States of America this very morning, people have been posting black pictures or squares on social platform Instagram. His victory was surprising. So surprising that members of the electorate don’t even know how to respond to his winnings.

Except for the Instagram users. They started posting these dark black snaps, maybe to represent dark times coming due to his leadership? But we can’t be sure. Most of the black captions don’t have anything written, so we can only speculate.

During the elections, Instagrammers have been posting memes of “I voted” and other many messages of political contents.

This is a piece I call "November 8 2016"

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Only Darrel Marusek posted a text with his black square, saying “Since nearly everyone else on #Instagram is posting a #BlackSquare (or so it seems), I figured I should do so as well, and for good reason. That conservatives are about to control the US government is chilling enough; that its new leader happens to be a thin-skinned, misogynistic, hate-filled person is colder-than-polar-regions chilling. 》 But despite all this, I hope and pray that our country’s better angels will still prevail. I also hope my four wonderful nieces will not be fearful at this moment but rather stay strong and become the wonderful women my sisters are raising them to be. I say the same for the youngsters I have been honored to volunteer for in elementary schools around #MadisonWI, kids who come from various cultures, abilities, and backgrounds. I hope they will still have a chance to thrive and be judged not by their gender or skin color or ethnicity, but instead by the content of their character and the quality of their talents. 》 Please #StayStrong, everyone, for if we do, we will all be better than the closed-minded who are about to lead us.” Talking like said before about the dark times that Donald Trump is about to give the United States.

How do you feel about the outcome of the elections?

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