Blac Chyna’s little present

As you all know, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are having a little baby. She will be a mommy for the second time. Sensuous model and reality star got herself a little present for working so hard this year. Check out her new Rolls Royce!

She posted it on social media platform Instagram the same day she bought it, past Wednesday. Blac wrote “A little gift to myself for working this hard all year! Cant wait to bring my baby girl home!”

The couple has gone through some rough times. For example, you can read about a big fight here. But you can see how happy they are with the new baby coming.

We believe the beautiful car is a “push present”. It’s common for the father to give the mother a little gift after giving birth, but this little present was from the mother given to herself. She also posted some videos on Snapchat of herself driving the car. You cannot miss the big golden watch and the impressive diamond ring on her finger.

She also has another child, King Cairo, whose birthday was a couple of days ago. He turned five. Here you can see a little “happy birthday” post from Rob:

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