Beau-ann Naomik Fortes model at 6

Every time more girls are calling themselves Instamodel. All you need is to have a couple of thousand followers on social media Instagram and you are ready for the title Instamodel. A very special girl can definitely call herself this. Her name is Beau-ann Naomik Fortes. She only is 6 years old and already has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram. The young fashionista has beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous smile, which have caused lots of fans to start loving this girl.

Big blue eyes
Her mother Eva created an account for her daughter. Eva was very into children’s clothing and decided to share pictures of her daughter in nice and fashionable outfits. She told us it wasn’t a conscious choice, “it just happened with a few innocent pictures. When I posted a picture of her in Cape Verde, people went crazy. I think it is because of the combination of the blue eyes and the dark skin” Eva told us in an interview.

Eva understands that some parents don’t want pictures of their child all over the Internet, and she feels like some people think that Eva is pushing her, but she insists that she’s not. “She has a strong personality. If there’s something she doesn’t want to do, she will not do it. But we both just find it so much fun”.

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World of fashion
Beau-ann is making big steps in the fashion world and has been asked for a big clothing brand. But she feels like her carrier should go in another direction. She wishes to be a singer. Her mum also doesn’t know what the future holds for little Beau-ann. “Time will tell. But we’ll keep doing this as long as she’s enjoying and having fun”. The only thing Eva is not so happy with are comments on her daughters posts saying “my future kid”; it doesn’t give her too much confidence.

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