American label Abercrombie & Fitch cleans up

Looking for renewal, the American clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch have taken on drastically their Instagram page. Hundreds of pictures have been deleted.


The label has made many moves to become a better company. Five years ago, Abercrombie & Fitch was a big success amongst the youngsters. It began to fall apart when CEO Mike Davies made some controversial statements. A former employee explains back in 2013 all the bad things about working at the company: “We were strongly encouraged to wear A&F clothes and, weirdly, told never to wear black or purple.” (You’ll never see those colors on Abercrombie clothes.). The food served at the headquarters is rigidly healty. “I wonder if there’s an almost insidious spin on it, like, ‘we don’t want our employees to get too fat.’’ Furthermore, the entire security was made out of male models, that would be the cater waiters at parties. These parties would take randomly place at the middle of the day, with lots of booze. “It was very surreal, having these “parties” during office hours and then going back to work.” Offensively shirts were a big part of the company when Jeffries was still running it. “The shirts are designed to be widely offensive on purpose, to make parents upset and get them to sue the company. That buys into Mike Jeffries’ idea of being cool — what’s cooler than something your parents would never want to wear?”. You can read about it here.

To try something new…

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Basically, Jeffries found that “his clothing” was only meant for skinny women and sixpack men. Not for people with a size 8.

The entire management was renewed in 2014 and since than the brand has made some big progress. Wanting to leave all this behind them and mark it as “history”, the company erased any picture remotely related to the happenings.

Find your Monday mate & pull yourselves together. ?

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