Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Split

Known from Bachelor, the famous Amanda Stanton opened up about her separation from ex-fiancé Josh Murray.

“When we were on the show, it felt like I had met the love of my life,” is what Stanton said to us. “It’s really hard, I think, to move on from that. I think we’re both having a hard time moving on.”

Stanton is originally from California, who also contested for Ben Higgins’ heart on season 20 of The Bachelor, and realized that her relationship with the former athlete didn’t explain off-camera. “There’s a lot of things and situations in the real world you don’t experience while you’re there in Paradise” she said.

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At the moment, Stanton is learning to adjust to life as a single woman and has turned to dating apps. “I feel like this is the age where it gets really hard,” she confessed. “I remember a couple years ago, I was like, ‘Online dating is so weird. I would never do that.’ And now it’s like, ‘I need to do that to meet someone. I get it now!'”

The couple got engaged on the season 3 finale of Paradise last summer. They ended their relationship earlier this year, prompting Murray to move back home to Atlanta after having relocated to California to stay with Stanton and her daughters, Kinsley and Charlie. The kids are both of she shares with ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio.

“Josh had been unhappy with things for a while now but was holding on because he loves the kids,” a source previously told us. “But they’re done now.”

In March, Murray called the forces on the esthetician following a disagreement over a car he had purchased for her. The Irvine Police representative confirmed “It basically resolved itself. No arrests were made. There was no criminal activity of any sort.”

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