Adele also in the #NoMakeUp hashtag

Our beautiful singer and songwriter Adele has also shown promise to the new style NoMakeUp on Instagram.

The whole thing started with Alicia Keys embraced this new concept because she felt that most girls try too hard to be “chameleons”. This news from this beautiful celebrity has been for the year 2016 one of the greatest commotions in the world of fame and beauty.

A few days ago, Adele published two photographs of herself just being herself, in her natural form.

She received lots of positive reactions from her fans. We all know that you need to be quite brave to participate in this sort of style, since you can never know if the people who make you famous will like it, or not. Specially for an artist who we only know with big dark lashes and a huge deal of eyeliner, this is (or at least was) her thing.


In the showbiz it’s not just about being talented, you have to know how to bring it to the people, how to sell yourself, and having an ‘image’ is almost just as important as being talented. For our lovely Adele we can say that, man, she’s got personality enough by just being able to post these picture with this much courage.

Last year Adele was also in the celebrity news for having lost quite a few pounds, a number which we later discovered was all an exaggeration from the media around.

Personally I think beauty is more an inside thing, but if you lack of confidence or self-esteem, you’ve got some real issues. If by this movement, there’s just one single girl in this world that feels better about herself when she sees famous people like Adele or Alicia Keys with no make-up, the effort will, with no doubt, have been totally worth it.



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